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LDG Datum Calibration Services

Welcome to your new one stop location for the both the sale and calibration of your Instantel equipment.

Datum Monitoring Ireland Ltd, trading as LDG Datum, are the new official Instantel distributer and certified calibration centre for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We offer our clients a cost effective and efficient service for all Instantel products.

To request your calibration please complete the enquiry form.
Alternatively, please contact our office on +44 (0) 2892 610 525

Calibration Services FAQ’s
Why should you calibrate your equipment?

Calibration is very important to ensure your equipment is measuring accurately and within specification. A seismographs accuracy will drift over long periods of time and quicker if used in harsh environments or misused.

How often should you calibrate?

It is recommended to have an annual calibration of all Instantel products which include seismographs, geophones, microphones and accelerometers, this ensures accuracy of readings.

Additional calibrations are also recommended if the seismograph has experienced water or other significant damage, if it has experienced any mechanical or electrical shock, or if any of the internal sensors have been tampered with.

The Importance of a manufacturer certified calibration?

Certified Calibration using a manufacturer certified facility ensures that proper procedures are followed when calibrating your equipment. This removes any uncertainty associated with the reliability and measurement accuracy and ensures the integrity of the measured record if it is ever called up as evidence in a court of law.

Calibration facilities that are certified by the manufacturer have access to test specifications and procedures designed specifically for your equipment. They will also ensure that any replacement parts that are used meet the specifications for the equipment. If your equipment requires repair, the manufacturer has the best experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix the problem.

It is in your best interest to have your equipment calibrated by the specific manufacturer or their authorised agents. There are individuals and companies worldwide that are not certified by the manufacturer to perform vibration monitor calibration yet continue to do so. Using unauthorised facilities may cause problems in court.

Is a Sensor Check a calibration?

No, a Sensor Check is not a calibration. Sensor Checks do not compare the measured results against an external reference sensor, nor do they test the electronic circuits that are integral to the sensor’s response.

The Sensor Check is designed to provide information on the setup and installation of the sensors connected to your monitoring unit. Using the sensor check before you begin monitoring reduces error in the data that may be caused by an incorrectly installed or connected sensor. For example, if a standard geophone was not level, or was installed upside down, the Sensor Check would display a failed sensor.

A Sensor Check is a good indicator that the sensors and unit are working and installed properly. However, it is not a calibration check and does not replace the calibration process.

What about repairs?

Our technicians will also be able to carry out repairs in line with Instantel certification.

Is warranty covered on service?

LDG Datum provides a limited services warranty of ninety days. Clink link for download of Service and Calibration Warranty.