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Jul 25 2019

New Leica Geosystems MS60s Installed for Luas Tramway Monitoring at Smithfield Distillery and Haymarket Developments, Dublin

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Inner city projects such as these in Smithfield, Dublin, present many structural challenges. Most pressingly, in this case, the developments are immediately adjacent to the LUAS line.

LDG Datum lead the way in LUAS Tramway monitoring and were contracted directly by the developer, Linders of Smithfield, to provide continuous real-time monitoring on the Luas infrastructure and surrounding occupied buildings.

LDG Datum chose to employ the Leica Geosystems Nova MS60, the world’s first self-learning multi-station. Providing a new experience in measuring technology, the MS60 automatically and continuously adapts to any environment, despite any challenges.

With exceptional experience in this field, the LDG Datum team know that choosing world class instruments is only part of the challenge. To ensure a project meets client expectations, it’s essential to build from experience and deliver reliability.

The many sensitive receptors in the Smithfield area include The Bar OF Ireland’s Law Library, The Family Courts Building, residential apartments and the famous Jameson Distillery. All require protection from a relentless construction process. LDG Datum provides the means of accessing data to analyse how these structures are reacting to everyday works and unexpected disruptions.

The developments at Smithfield Distillery and Haymarket consists of two new structures. Distillery is a 20,500 sqm office development incorporating retail, restaurant and bar floor space with integrated roof top terraces. Haymarket is a 7-storey, 9,300 sqm office development over a double basement. Both developments required complex demolition of several existing multi-storey buildings.

As well as being adjacent to the LUAS Red Line, the project is also just 100mtrs from the riverfront’s bridges and boardwalks and its convenient location has attracted a host of indigenous and international occupiers.