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LDG Lloyds Testing

Thermal Integrity Profiling (bored and auger piles)

The Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP) uses heat generated by curing cement to assess the quality of drilled shafts and of bored, augered cast in place, continuous flight auger or drilled displacement piles.

It is also used for quality control and shape evaluation of jet grouting, slurry walls, and diaphragm walls. 

TIP evaluates the entire cross-section and length of the foundation. Results are available when shaft installation is concluded and reveal necks or inclusions (regions that are colder than average), bulges (regions that are warmer than average), variations in concrete cover, and the shape of the shaft and cage alignment.

Smart sensing cables fitted with uniformly spaced digital temperature sensors and are ordered separately depending on the length and quantity needed. The cables are tied to the rebar cage and cast into the shaft. Each cable string has a unique ID number which is read during concrete pour or cage being plunged via the main TIP unit.

Recent system upgrades include using a cloud based server to evaluate data from any remote location while concrete is curing.

Benefits of TIP

  • Pinpoints anomalies using temperature vs. depth vs. quadrant
  • Early testing speeds construction
  • Results in 12 - 72 hours
  • Evaluates concrete quality, cover & cage alignment
  • Avoids false positive issues
  • Only reports significant defects
  • Requires much less testing time onsite