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Solutions Tailor Made for Your Specific Conditions.

Our innovative range of products can be used individually or combined to form a system.

Our expert, experienced teams with work with you to tailor make solutions specific to your circumstances.


Datum are proud to be the sole dealer and calibration provider for Instantel products nationwide. Datum designed and fabricated a portable easy to carry case which hosts an Instantel Micromate with combined Sound level Microphone. Utilisng the external siren with amber and red LED lights, local site personnel can be assured of knowing a threshold has been exceeded should it arise.

Further options are available such as a 4G/LTE router to allow for streaming of vibration and noise data back to Datum's Presentation Suite or designated email addresses.

Track Sensors

Our wireless, battery operated Track Cant Monitors are specially designed to be easily deployed, does not have to be removed for normal machine track maintenance and is built to last. You can use it as a standalone unit or as part of a system to monitor a complete section of track.

Slope Array

A cable free, modular and easy to install monitoring system for slope stability, the Slope Array is fully length-adjustable and fitted with interchangeable sensors. Each sensor is attached to the next and lowered into a standard inclinometer tube. The system is available in uniaxial or biaxial options.

Void Detection

Our cable free, compact, portable and highly durable track void monitoring system can be programmed remotely to continuously record track stability, giving Permanent Way Managers continuous access to dynamic track void readings on their phone or at their desk. This crucial information allows you to anticipate potential failures, schedule safety work safely, reduce the cost of repairs and improve safety and the customer experience.

Each VoidMate is easy to install and relocate and can be configured to alarm and alert any number of recipients by SMS and email.

Rail Temperature

An innovative, automated critical rail temperature monitoring system gives Permanent Way Managers track temperatures in real time, allowing them to anticipate potential failures, avoid unnecessary speed restrictions and minimise risks associated with working on the line.

Sustainable, cable free, compact, portable and highly durable, Rail temperature sensors can be fitted in less than a minute. Internal Li-Ion batteries shall last for over a year at 10min sampling.

It can also be remotely programmed to send alarms to any number of recipients by email and or SMS. Data is streamed to our secure Presentation Suite for easy access from your phone or desktop.


Our wireless data-logger can record data from multiple wireless or direct bus monitoring systems such as vibrating wire, analogue or digital sensors.

This plug and play device is easy to programme and is equipped with a fixed IP Cellular Router to stream data to our Presentation Suite or any a data repository of your choosing.

Presentation Suite

Datum's innovative data presentation solution provides you easy, continuous access to your data from any device via an engaging, interactive user experience while processing large volumes of sensor data, performing complex calculations and providing real-time alerting.

Datum's Presentation suite integrates seamlessly with the remote monitoring equipment supplied and installed by Datum, providing a unique end-to-end solution that gives you everything you need to understand and maximise the value of your data.