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Specialist Surveying Services for Every Sector.

Our Surveyors and Monitoring Technicians work across Ireland and the UK and in many sectors providing 24 hour asset detailing and condition monitoring using the most advanced topographical survey equipment, GNSS positioning systems and laser scanners.

Our range of services includes everything from 1D and 3D observations to modelling complex structures in many formats.

Surveyors and CAD Technicians quickly process data into formats for modelling and design, while our Survey Managers design, install and operate automated 3D monitoring systems to assess structural movement and settlement from tunnelling and earthwork activity.

Our land surveys and monitoring services include:

  • Precise level survey & monitoring
  • Manual and automated 3D monitoring
  • Infrastructure surveys
  • Rail surveys
  • Deformation surveys

Our Technicians are trained to access and set up safe work systems including:

  • Railway access competency
  • Working at height
  • CSCS and CPCS, Safepass (Ireland)

Automated 3D Monitoring

Our automated 3D monitoring systems are designed for pre, during and post construction, and can be operated where traditional techniques are not practical or economical. They provide accurate positional information that correlate to known benchmarks – especially effective when monitoring track geometry structural and embankment stability.

We’ve invested heavily in remote controlled 3D, photographic and laser scanning technology systems and software to make the data capture process and presentation of information more efficient and effective. These systems are capable of recording data 24hrs, 7 days per week, uploading data to secure webpages for continuous review.

Topographical Surveys

We can determine the terrestrial or three dimensional position of points, and the distances and angles between them, using software applications to present survey plans and cross-sectional information to the level of detail you require.

Rail Surveys

We measure rail position and geometry using traditional surveying techniques, handheld gauges, laser sweeps, and for measurements such as Cross Level (Cant), Twist, Gauge, Versine and Horizontal/Vertical profiles. We’ll often measure these alongside the other elements of the railway corridor including embankments, slopes, drainage, signalling and overhead features.

Deformation Surveys

Systematically measuring and tracking the alternation in the shapes or dimensions of an object, often as a result of construction activity stresses, we choose from a range of methods and measurement frequency dependent on the application.

Setting Out Services

Transferring the co-ordinates of a building, road or structure from design drawings to the site, we take into account the project specification and ground conditions and use the most appropriate, accurate method.